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reputation EAU TROPICALE LOTE ePagxHH6

  • Modèle : ePagxHH6
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Description du produit

THE SCENT OF THE WARM TROPICAL BREEZEEau Tropicale by Sisley set of 2 pieces, is a set that is included in the collection Eau Tropicale de Sisley. Inside, you will find a 50 ml “Eau de Parfum“ spray and a 100 ml body lotion.EAU DE PARFUM 50 ML. This feminine fragrance, included in the chypre floral family, is a perfect choice for everyday use, especially during the warmer seasons. With it, Sisley invites us to immerse ourselves in the heart of a tropical forest, and thus be able to perceive the exotic aromas that it transmits to us and its warm and humid breeze. A sensory journey to a distant world, which serves as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowds.BODY LOTION 50 ML. Gentle body lotion that moisturizes and cares for our skin, to keep it healthy and healthy. It is scented with the Eau Tropicale fragrance, so it helps keep the perfume trail alive longer.GIFT IDEA. Thanks to its pleasant notes, this perfume has a high acceptance among the female public, so we are faced with a perfect and sophisticated gift idea.